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Meet Our Group Leaders

ILR classes have always been led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable Study Group Leaders. Many have advanced degrees. Others may be without academic credentials but project the enthusiasm of seasoned teachers and performers, skilled crafters, forceful debaters and voracious readers.  Distinguished emeriti from Yale, SCSU, Quinnipiac and other universities have conducted courses for us in many different fields, from literature to mathematics, from astronomy to music and cultural history, from political science and sociology to chemistry and genetics. Members interested in delving into a new topic sometimes lead a class and share what they have learned with those of like minds. Since our beginning in 1990, members have led courses on aspects of a variety of ethnic cultures, on overlooked films and artists, on novelists and poets, on folk music and art.


Our Spring 2014 Study Group Leaders are:

Barbara Beitsch, PhD, is a biologist and Peabody Museum docent, volunteer and past president of the Peabody Council.
William Boughton is the New Haven Symphony Conductor who has a special interest in the musical compositions of Sibelius.
Greg Bugbee is a researcher at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Edith Carlson
is a discriminating diner who enjoys sharing her discoveries with the Lunching Adventures group.
Subhash Choudhary is a Hindu practitioner associated with Swami Chinmaya Saraswati Ashram, which will soon open in Orange.
Lawrence S. Cohen, M.D. is a noted New Haven cardiologist.
Barrie Collins is a co-founder of Bethany Wanderers and an avid naturalist and hiker.
Judith Colton, PhD is Professor Emerita of History of Art at Yale.
Kathy Leonard Czepiel, MA, is a novelist and teaches writing at Quinnipiac University.
Zaynep Demir is a marvel in the kitchen and enjoys sharing Turkish treats with others.
Lawrence DeNardis
PhD is a former congressman.
Mary Pat Donohue is a theater lover who enjoys drama festivals in Scotland and Ireland.
Matthew Dunan is an expert on Yale architecture in general and gargoyles in particular.
Rabbi Rick Eisenberg MA, CADC, is a counselor at Clifford Beers clinic and has a congregation in Torrington
Suzanne Eisner, MA, has been an instructor at Amity Regional High School and Choate-Rosemary Hall and an adjunct at Quinnipiac University. She loves the fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald and movies based on his books.
Charlotte Evans, MS, is retired from the New York Times and enjoys sharing her interests with others.

Robert Forbes PhD is an expert in the history of slavery in Connecticut.
Annis Fusaris, membership chair, is a world traveler with a taste for theater.
Marcia Goodman Esq., a retired attorney new to the area, led film groups in Fairfield.
Frank Griffel, PhD, teaches about Islamic culture at Yale.
Doby Hall, BA, a longtime ILR member and past president, has an abiding interest in correcting injustices and righting what is wrong.
Ron Heiferman, PhD teaches history at Quinnipiac University and is an Associate Fellow of Berkeley College at Yale.
Lewis House, PhD, teaches history at Southern Connecticut State University.
Rev. Lee Ireland Certified Spiritual Director and M.Div shares her knowledge of dream interpretation with others.
Marcia Jamron, our ILR trip guru, has a perfect track record in choosing interesting places to visit.
Dr. Yonghao Li, is a scientific researcher at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Sister Ann Kilbride teaches at Albertus Magnus College.
Andy Kosch is an expert in the history of aviation in Connecticut.
Laura Litvinoff helps lead people to choose healthy foods.
Nick Maiorino MS is a retired high school and college science teacher.
Mithat Mardin, PhD, has led courses in both the European Union and the Ottoman Empire.
Dr. Abigail Maynard is a researcher at CAES.
Debbie McKeever, pastry chef supreme, enjoys heading up Lunching Adventures for her friends.
Sean O’Connor
, PhD, enjoys sharing the heritage of his Irish language with others.
Ned Ostojic, PhD, PE delves deeply into topics and then shares his explorations with others.
Tom Parlapiano, MS, is a Yale Peabody Museum naturalist who leads science programs at Yale West Campus.
Dorie Petrochko, MA, Certified in Botanical and Natural Science Illustration by The New York Botanical Garden, is president of the Connecticut Natural Science Illustrators and teaches natural science illustration at the Yale Peabody Museum West Campus.
Jon Purmont, EdD, author of the recently published Ella Grasso biography, teaches history at SCSU.
Fred Robinson, Yale PhD Emeritus, enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of the evolution of the English language with ILR members.
Dr. Neil Schultes is a scientific researcher at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES).

Igor Sikorsky Jr. enjoys sharing his knowledge of the history of planes, amphibians and helicopters.

Elske P. Smith, PhD, is a Massachusetts astronomer and author who was Professor at the Univ. of Maryland and then Dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Loretta Smith, MA is an experienced bird watcher.
Dr. Kimberly Stoner is a scientific researcher at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.
Wendy Swain MA, 6th year cert., spoke at our December Reception on the sculpture in Central Park.
Nancy Sykes, former ILR President and current Peabody Museum volunteer, enjoys leading visits to cultural treasures in the New Haven area.
Rabbi Alvin Wainhaus leads the Or Shalom Congregation in Orange and happily shares his extensive knowledge of Judaism with others.
Baxter Walsh, BS. is an Orange resident eager to share experiences of others’ cultures.
Bruce Weston, PhD, has led more ILR courses than any other Study Group Leader.
Ned Williams BA, a Southbury resident, has a passion for nutrition and a scepticism about some food manufacturers.
Marion Winkelman, MS, is a classicist eager to share her knowledge of ancient authors with ILR members.
Yale Center for British Art docents are especially trained to help others look more closely at the art works they see.
Toby Zabinski leads book discussion groups in Milford and Orange.
Israel Zelitch, longtime ILR Study Group Leader, has devoted much of his time to helping to preserve the Yiddish language.





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