Officers and Board

Leadership in ILR is by a volunteer Board of Governors and officers who meet several times a year to develop our programs, set policy and oversee all operations of the organization. Officers are elected to one year terms and the Board of Governors are elected to two year terms.


Joel Feimer, President
Marcia Jamron, Executive VP
Rita Esposito, Secretary
Diane Olin, Treasurer
Annis Fusaris, VP Curriculum
Carolyn Starr, VP Curriculum
Susan Vallillo, Ex Officio President

Board Members

Eva Arnott
Jane Cerilli
Holly Chepow
Sue Cohen
Pat Donohue
Elisabeth Glynn
Ira Kleinfeld
Jean Maatta
Nick Maiorino
Pat Maiorino
Mito Mardin
Debbie McKeever
David Phelps
John Schneider

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