2023 Annual Spring Business Meeting, Luncheon and Election of Officers

Our guest speaker for the Annual Spring luncheon will be Carl E. Harvey, Post Commander of Ukrainian American Veterans. He, and several other groups, have joined together to give major humanitarian aid wherever it is needed in the Ukrainian country.. He has a special friend, a priest, who has been in the Ukraine and sends Mr. Harvey pictures and information of what is currently occurring there. He will share these with us while explaining the incredible work that this group of volunteers are doing. They are securing greatly needed items such as huge generators, and cars to replace ambulances that are targeted and destroyed. Toys, books and crayons are collected for the children. Medicine, food and kitchen ware is also provided for those people blasted from their homes. All items are crated and shipped by the volunteers.

ILR members can help, if they feel so inclined, by bringing mentioned items or what your heart tells you will comfort and aid the women and children, the old people, and the soldiers who are fighting to bring democracy to that country. Mr. Harvey will explain how we can help while bringing us up to date on a terrible war.

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