ILR Announces New Registration Site Ready to go Live September 3!

ILR is very excited to announce that the new registration site for the 2019 Fall Semester is established and will be open for business starting on September 3.  Believe it or not, many of you set your alarms to make sure you log in at the stroke of 12AM so you don't miss out on the courses you want to take. We love that enthusiasm!

The site offers a layout that allows you to see the courses quickly without having to scroll down through search filters, as those filters have been set to the left allowing more space for course information.  You will seamlessly access the courses and registration portal directly through the ILR website, 

You can update your profiles and account information including all of your personal information, add a credit card and see the history of all of the courses you have taken since 2017.  Your information is now all in one spot in the database for your direct access and you no longer have to contact anyone to manage your account.  

Registration is also pretty simple. If you have decided on your courses by looking through the catalog, you can register automatically from the course listing page  without having to look at the details page. Of course, if you want to review the course information and see the biography of the instructor,  just click on the title, review the details and register from that page as well.  The best part is that you have a Shopping Cart.   

Your Shopping Cart will automatically fill each time you complete a registration but you will still have the option to review your purchase or delete a course before you are required to pay.   Many of you have requested a shopping cart and we are very happy that we can finally offer this feature to our members. 

Step-by-Step instruction explaining how to Log into the Registration Site for the first time and how to Register for a class are provided below. Take a moment to review these documents so you can get comfortable with the process and be ready to register for courses on September 3 at 12:01 am. 

As always, the Tech Support Team is available to answer any of your questions and can walk you through any difficulties you may encounter. There will be a hands-on session for anyone who would like some help on August 29 from 1:00-3:00 pm at the Woodbridge Library on the second floor.

You should receive your paper catalogs shortly but online registration will start SEPTEMBER 3 at 12:01 am.   Also, we have a new registration phone line that will connect you directly with the Registrar 203-747-9675.

We're looking forward to seeing you in class.

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