ILR Virtual Tour of Staten Island

Are you feeling a pent-up desire to see something new, to experience a new place? I'll bet you are! Come with ILR and our guide, Susan Birnbaum. We'll "scratch that itch" for you! We will travel to a place that has 170 beautiful parks, has a renowned museum of Tibetan Art, has something to do with the GAME OF THRONES TV show, where chewing gum was invented, where 17th century living can be experienced, was founded by Giovanni da Verrazzano. Are you curious yet? It used to cost 50 cents to get there but now it will be a free trip. It is the borough of New York City... STATEN ISLAND!

While it is a long drive from Connecticut, or a bus and ferry ride to get there, we can all sit in our comfortable chairs at home and learn about the history, the indigenous people, its maritime history, and the beautiful island it has become. Our ILR, Susan Birnbaum, will zoom us there on THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2021 at 1:00pm. All you need is a computer or smart phone to join us. Cost: $10.00 per person. The link to join will be sent after you register. Come and join us!

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